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Which Content Works Best For SEO in Brisbane

Content marketing is everything for a website to get into the page ranks these days. The more unique and straightforward the content is, the better the page ranks will be. If you are new to content marketing, you need to launch your own blog first, then start writing relevant content. After your blog gets established, try out putting new type of content to it. You will see something different with it – targeted visitors, fresh traffic, higher conversion rates and even better SEO.

Here are some content types that works very well with SEO for local Brisbane companies.


The word says it all – info + graphic. It is a representation of data or information through visuals. If you take a look at infographics, they tend to be shared more, loved more and shared more compared to many other types of content. They are a very powerful way of getting information fast out there in a good visual format. One particular study showed how infographics were shared and liked on social media for up to 3 times more compared to many other content. You can already imagine its viral potential there for a local business in brisbane.

So how do you do it? The best one to create infographics is a graphic designer, but the graphic designer must have a detailed idea on what the infographic should be. If you have one working for your company, ask them to make one for you. It will even be more beneficial for you if they specialize in making infographics, too. Their rate usually starts at $1,000.

When do you use it? You can’t just use infographics all the time, especially when the content doesn’t suit it. They are highly recommended for communicating almost any concept or idea. They work well with findings, statistics, research and many other data. Keep in mind that infographics can be quite expensive, as it is already stated above. Also, when infographics first came out, it easily become viral because only a number of them are capable of creating really good infographics. These days, almost everyone is making one. In order to make it shareable, you must make a very unique and good one that is enough to entice readers to share them.

You might also want to consider making a gifographic. The gifographic makes use of the inforgraphic structure yet it features animated gifs rather than a static image.

Here’s an example of a great infographic for SEO Services:


Memes are everywhere. They are easy to share, not to mention they can easily go viral and can be very hilarious, too.

But just like infographics, you need the unique skills to make it shareable. There is no need for you to be a graphic designer for this. There are sites that allow you to create memes. You use a photo from their library and add your own text to it. Meme may not be the right type of content you want to share in your blog, however they are designed perfectly for social media networks. To aid spreading your meme, make use of Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Tumblr and Reddit as they are the best places to share them.

Here’s a quick video about some very funny SEO memes: